Pope Francis Meets Abuse Survivors in Portugal,

Pope Francis Meets Abuse Survivors in Portugal, Urges Reconciliation and Accountability


Pope Meets Abuse Survivors in Portugal

Pope Francis met with survivors of clergy sexual abuse in Portugal during his visit to Lisbon for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day festival. The Vatican disclosed that the Pope spent over an hour with 13 abuse victims at the Vatican Embassy, engaging in “intense listening.” The meeting aimed to address the long-ignored scandal of abuse within the Catholic Church, which has tarnished its reputation and led to declining faith among the faithful.

Crisis in Portuguese Church

The Pope’s visit comes at a delicate moment for the Portuguese church, with a panel of experts hired by Portugal’s bishops revealing that priests and other church personnel may have abused at least 4,815 boys and girls since 1950. The Portuguese church’s response to the expert report added to the problem as they initially downplayed the number of abuse cases and resisted removing named abusers from ministry until court orders. The Pope’s meeting with abuse survivors aimed to help the Portuguese hierarchy and faithful come to terms with the church’s legacy of abuse and cover-up.

Calls for Humble Purification and Protection of Children

Pope Francis addressed the issue of energy transition and economic growth, emphasizing the importance of helping Nigeria pipe gas to Europe as an alternative clean energy source. He also urged the UK to support Nigeria in security matters and stressed the significance of a dynamic partnership for the development of both countries. The UK Foreign Secretary praised Nigeria’s economic reforms and expressed commitment to enhancing bilateral trade and investment relationships. Additionally, the UK showed support for ECOWAS actions in restoring democracy in Niger Republic. The Pope’s visit marks an opportunity for both countries to strengthen their cooperation and address pressing regional and global challenges.

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