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Reddit Shuts Down As Site-Wide Protest Over New API Policy Begins


Reddit has confines that it is aware of the issue with content loading and is attempting to fix it. 

The website has crashed, according to downtime detector, as thousands of Reddit groups went black in protest of the company’s contentious new policy, which would drive third-party apps out of business.

The cause or estimated time of resolution were not stated on the status page.

“A significant number of subreddits shifting to private caused some expected stability issues, and we’ve been working on resolving the anticipated issue,” said Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt.

The firm further explained its choice in a testy AMA (Ask Me Anything) last week from Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, alias u/spez on the internet forum site, but it made no indications that it would change its mind despite the intense community backlash.

Additionally, the executive singled out Apollo, the creator of one of the most well-liked third-party apps, alleging improper conduct on the part of the developer, further infuriating consumers.

The planned protest, which resulted in several Reddit communities (subreddits) turning private all at once, was confirmed as the cause of the disruption by a Reddit spokesperson.

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