Rising Youth Fraud Rates Blamed on Lack of Opportunities

Rising Youth Fraud Rates Blamed on Lack of Opportunities, Urges Government Intervention


In a recently held conference, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Lagos State Chapter, shed light on the increasing incidence of fraud among the younger generation, attributing it to idleness and a dearth of meaningful engagement. The 6th Annual Anti-Fraud National Conference, centered around the theme “Technology, Fraudulent Activities and Crime in the 21st Century,” convened in Lagos, drawing attention to the pressing issue.

Dr. Titilayo Fowokan, Chairman of the Conference Committee, emphasized the need for the federal government to address this menace by providing ample opportunities for youths to harness their untapped talents and energies. Speaking exclusively to The PUNCH, Dr. Fowokan expounded on the relationship between fraud and the absence of fruitful prospects, stating, “When we discuss fraud, it is often intertwined with the presence of opportunity. Individuals rationalize their actions and make choices accordingly. Therefore, it falls upon the government to take proactive measures.”

Dr. Fowokan further emphasized the vitality of implementing targeted programs to engage youths in governmental activities. Recognizing their inherent vigor and curiosity, she urged the government to harness these qualities, directing their energy towards productive ventures rather than criminal activities. “Our youths possess immense potential, and if left idle, they tend to misdirect their energies. It is crucial for the government to tap into their agility, nurture their inquisitiveness, and offer them constructive outlets,” she stated.

In addition to providing opportunities, Dr. Fowokan stressed the importance of fostering a just society, where crimes are met with appropriate punishment. “Whether the fraud occurs within the public or private sector, it is essential that the law is upheld and perpetrators face consequences as dictated by our legal framework,” she urged. By witnessing the government’s steadfast commitment to action and receiving platforms to voice their ideas, the youth will be motivated to reform their ways and actively contribute to society.

The call for intervention by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners serves as a clarion call to the Nigerian government to address the root causes of youth involvement in fraudulent activities. The resolute implementation of targeted programs and the promotion of justice can pave the way for a transformational shift, empowering the younger generation to embrace lawful endeavors and contribute to the nation’s progress.

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