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Russian Court Slaps Google $47 million Fine


According to the nation’s anti-monopoly watchdog, a Russian court recently penalised Alphabet’s Google $47 million (4 billion roubles) for failing to pay a prior fine associated with the alleged misuse of its dominant position in the video hosting industry.

This choice fits into Moscow’s more outspoken push against international digital corporations; in February 2022, Google was hit with a 2 billion rouble fine.

Google’s YouTube has come under fire from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) for its “non-transparent, biassed, and unpredictable” method of censoring and suspending user accounts and material.

The corporation has not yet respond to the most recent court decision because Google contested the initial sanction.

According to the FAS, the earlier fine was doubled as a result of non-payment.

The FAS claims that Google must now contribute an additional 4 billion roubles to the budget of the Russian Federation.

According to TASS, the fee must be paid within 60 days.

The pressure on YouTube has increased recently, especially in light of its global barring of Russian state-funded media.

Although Russian politicians and state organisations have had a substantial impact, Moscow has refrained from entirely shutting down the network, as it has done with other major social media platforms like Twitter and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

It’s important to note that in March 2022, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Google suspended all internet advertising sales in that country.

The business has continued to offer some of its free services throughout the nation, nevertheless.

Regarding the most recent court decision, Google has not made any official statements.

What remains to be seen is how the business will handle this fine and manage its future interactions with the Russian market.

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