Scammer Utilizes Ai, Ai Technology

Scammer Utilizes AI Technology to Dupe Businessman Out of Millions in China


A businessman in China fell victim to an intricate scam that exploited AI technology to deceive him into transferring millions of yuan to a fraudulent account. The incident sheds light on the dangers of AI-driven impersonation and raises alarm about the growing sophistication of fraudulent schemes.

The Deceptive Scheme Unveiled: AI as the Culprit

The scammer, utilizing advanced AI technology, successfully assumed the appearance and voice of the victim’s close friend during a video call. The convincing impersonation led the victim, surnamed Guo, to believe he was dealing with a trusted acquaintance, ultimately resulting in the fraudulent transfer of a substantial sum of money.

Efforts to Recover Stolen Funds and Emerging Concerns

Promptly realizing his mistake, Guo reported the incident to the authorities, who swiftly intervened to prevent further monetary losses. While a significant portion of the stolen funds was recovered, concerns about the potential misuse of AI technology for fraudulent activities continue to grow. China has implemented regulations and proposed new laws to mitigate the risks associated with AI-driven deception, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance and security measures.


  • AI-Driven Deception: Authorities in China have uncovered a case where a scammer employed artificial intelligence to impersonate a trusted friend and swindle millions of yuan from a businessman. The con artist successfully deceived the victim into transferring a substantial sum of money by utilizing smart AI technology to alter their appearance and voice.
  • Elaborate Fraud Scheme: The victim, surnamed Guo, received a video call from someone who convincingly resembled and sounded like his close friend. Unbeknownst to Guo, the caller was a fraudster masquerading as his trusted acquaintance, using AI technology to perpetrate the scam. Guo was persuaded to transfer 4.3 million yuan under the pretense that another friend required the funds for a public tender guarantee.
  • Recovery Efforts and Growing Concerns: Upon realizing his mistake, Guo promptly reported the incident to the police, who intervened to prevent further transfers. With the assistance of law enforcement, Guo managed to retrieve a significant portion of the stolen funds. This case highlights the potential dangers associated with AI technology and raises concerns about its misuse of illicit activities. China, in response, has implemented regulations and proposed laws to address the risks posed by AI-driven deception.
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