Senator Plang Expresses Confidence in President Tinubu and New Service Chiefs to Tackle Attacks in Plateau State


Senator’s Assurance

Senator Diket Plang, representing Plateau Central in the National Assembly, expressed his belief that President Bola Tinubu and the newly appointed service chiefs will find a solution to the series of attacks and killings in Plateau State. Speaking with journalists in Jos, the senator condemned the ongoing violence and destruction of properties in his constituency, emphasizing the urgent need to address the escalating crisis.

Persistent Attacks

Plateau State, particularly the Mangu Local Government Area and other parts of the central zone, has witnessed persistent attacks by gunmen over the past three months. These attacks have resulted in the loss of over 250 lives and the destruction of properties worth millions of naira. Senator Plang highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating that the crisis must not be allowed to continue.

Support for the New Administration

Senator Plang expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for addressing the security situation in Plateau State. He mentioned that during their inauguration, the president acknowledged the concerns raised by the state governor and assured them of his commitment to security. Senator Plang urged the residents to provide maximum support to the new administration, emphasizing the need for a fresh approach to addressing the security challenges in the state.

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