Tinubu's Bold Start: A Game-Changer for Nigeria

Tinubu’s Bold Start: A Game-Changer for Nigeria


Oshiomhole’s remarks underscore the recognition of President Tinubu’s decisive leadership and the transformative potential of his initiatives, particularly in the energy sector. The former governor’s endorsement reflects a collective commitment among political stakeholders to support Tinubu’s presidency and contribute to positive change in Nigeria.

Tinubu’s swift actions and landmark decisions

Former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, commended President Bola Tinubu for his proactive approach and bold decision-making soon after his inauguration on May 29. Speaking at a reception party in Abuja, held in honor of lawmakers, Oshiomhole lauded Tinubu’s enactment of the Electricity Act 2023, emphasizing that the President is meeting the expectations of Nigerians as an ‘action President.’ The former governor recounted how Tinubu had defied skepticism and proved his critics wrong.

The transformative impact of the Electricity Act 2023

Oshiomhole highlighted the significance of the recently signed electricity law by President Tinubu, characterizing it as a game-changer. The law aims to address various challenges in the energy sector, including the issue of electricity smuggling into neighboring communities, particularly those in Niger Republic. By allowing localized power generation and consumption, the law seeks to enhance stability within the system and prevent power outages. Oshiomhole commended the President for tackling the dilemma of diverting electricity from the Azura power plant in Edo State to Niger Republic, leaving the people of Benin City without power.

Collaboration and support for President Tinubu

Oshiomhole pledged his unwavering support and cooperation with President Tinubu’s agenda in the National Assembly. He assured that lawmakers would closely scrutinize policies, work hand-in-hand with the President, and facilitate the translation of Tinubu’s comprehensive action plan, articulated during his campaign, into tangible outcomes. Oshiomhole concluded by stating that President Tinubu deserves the prayers and backing of the people, emphasizing the need for united efforts to ensure the successful implementation of his vision.

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