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Twitter Owes Three Months’ Rent to Boulder Landlord, Faces Eviction


According to reports, Twitter is being evicted from its Boulder, Colorado, office because it hasn’t made rent in the last two months.

According to court documents obtained by the Denver Business Journal, Twitter’s landlord filed a complaint against its Elon Musk-led tenant last month, stating the firm was overdue on rent payments.

In February 2020, a $968,000 letter of credit was given to Lot 2 SBO LLC, the Chicago-based landlord that owns Twitter’s office at 3401 Bluff St in Boulder, according to court records and reporting by the Denver Business Journal. 

The specifics of this agreement are somewhat hazy, but it has been using this to pay the rent instead of regular installments until the funds ran out in March. Since then, the company has not made payments.

38 Boulder-based employees quit over the more than three years that Twitter rented the Railyards at S’Park office space, citing an internal message from Elon Musk that stated that employees needed to be “extremely hardcore” in their pursuit of “Twitter 2.0 and succeeding in an increasingly competitive world.”

Twitter is also behind on almost $100,000 in cleaning costs at its other headquarters in Colorado, at 1301, Walnut St., according to a separate complaint submitted in May, the Business Journal reported.

A “demand for compliance or right to possession” was served on Twitter in December because it was late on payments at that location as well.

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