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Twitter verified users set to enjoy encrypted DMs 


Twitter has finally made its first iteration of encrypted direct messages available, although there are some restrictions.

The new development was contained on the microblogging blogpost seen by the Kayefi team on Thursday. 

Internal sources are however of the option that currently, only accounts linked to verified organisations or verified users (such as Blue subscribers) have access to this function. 

Additionally, group messages cannot use the encryption feature, and Twitter doesn’t provide any defence against man-in-the-middle assaults.

According to Twitter, encryption is cross-platform compatible, but it can only be used if the recipient is a follower of the sender. 

Alternatively, encryption can be enabled if a user has chatted with the sender before, or accepted their DM request.

In its blog post, the social network makes it clear that this implementation has a number of restrictions.

Twitter only offers encryption for one-to-one communications that contain text and links at the conversational level.

According to Twitter, media is not presently supported in discussions that are encrypted.


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