Woman Arrested for Abducting Newborn

Woman Arrested for Abducting Newborn: Tale of Betrayal and Deceit Unfolds


Trusted Friendship Betrayed

In a shocking incident that highlights the dark side of trust, a 28-year-old woman named Adaeze Lawrence has been apprehended by the Abia State Police Command. Lawrence is accused of an audacious act – stealing a one-month-and-two-day-old baby boy from her own friend, Onyinyechi Owujie.

Deceptive Web Unraveled

The heart-wrenching saga of betrayal unfolded as Adaeze Lawrence, a hair stylist by profession, cunningly built a close relationship with the mother of the baby, Onyinyechi Owujie. Using her connection with Owujie’s elder sister, the suspect managed to infiltrate her social circle and gain the mother’s trust.

Celebration Turns to Nightmare

As the news unraveled, it appears that the alleged crime took place under the pretense of celebrating the infant’s birth. The suspect proposed a celebratory outing, exploiting the trust she had cultivated. However, the celebrations took a sinister turn when Lawrence fled with the baby during the event, leaving Owujie devastated.

In a statement by the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Chioma Chinaka, it was revealed that the police’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Aba, successfully apprehended Lawrence based on credible intelligence. The officer stressed the importance of constant vigilance and caution, urging the public to be wary of their children’s safety, especially in public spaces. As the investigation into the incident continues, this shocking betrayal serves as a grim reminder of the lengths some may go to deceive those they seemingly befriend.

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