Africa's Untapped Potential

Africa’s Untapped Potential: UN Deputy Secretary-General Highlights Continent’s Investment Prospects


Africa’s Investment Potential

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed has emphasized Africa’s unparalleled investment potential in the 21st century. Speaking at the Africa Social Impact Summit in Lagos, Mohammed highlighted the continent’s abundant natural resources, extensive arable land, and a dynamic youth population. She labeled Africa as the best investment proposition of the century, given its strategic assets and growing opportunities.

Investment Beyond Resources

Mohammed cautioned that investment in Africa should not merely focus on resource extraction. She emphasized the importance of fostering a modern economy that includes both physical and digital infrastructure, along with human development. The Deputy Secretary-General advocated for substantial investments in youth development, local employment, sustainable solutions, education, health, renewable energy, and improved sanitation facilities.

Partnership for Transformative Change

The summit also saw calls for collaboration and innovation. Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stressed the need for a collective effort from the public and private sectors to build a prosperous and sustainable Africa. He urged the private sector to lead in driving change and fostering inclusive growth. The Chief Executive Officer of Sterling One Foundation, Olajeju Ibekwe, highlighted the intention of the private sector to align with sustainable development goals and drive positive social impact.

The summit, held under the theme “Global Vision, Local Action,Repositioning the African Development Ecosystem For Sustainable Outcomes,” underscored the urgency and potential of aligning business practices with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It highlighted the need for both the private and public sectors to work together in channeling investments towards sustainable development that would benefit Africa’s people and future generations.

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