House of Representatives Calls for End to Estimated Billing

House of Representatives Calls for End to Estimated Billing and Improved Electricity Distribution


Halt to Estimated Billing

The Nigerian House of Representatives has issued a directive to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to intervene and stop the practice of estimated billing for electricity consumers nationwide. The move comes as consumers express frustration over inaccurate billing practices by distribution companies (DisCos).

Sanctions for Poor Power Supply

In addition to ending estimated billing, the House urged NERC to impose sanctions on DisCos for their subpar supply of power to consumers. The DisCos have been accused of providing abysmal services, leading to disconnections despite consumers’ investments in meters, cables, and transformers.

Compensation for Third-Party Investments

The House further called on NERC to devise compensation packages for individuals, communities, and public entities that have taken on the responsibility of providing electricity transmission facilities. Despite such investments by third parties, DisCos have failed to uphold their obligations, prompting the need for compensation mechanisms or electricity credits to be introduced for these investors.

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