Siminalayi Fubara

‘I Will Not Bend To Govern Rivers State’ – Siminalayi Fubara Declares


Siminalayi Fubara has expressed concern about the ongoing challenges in the state.

He said that he would not be on his knees governing the people, but would stand firm on the right.
Kayefi reports that Siminalayi Fubara had made these remarks while visiting Sir Celestine Omehia at his residence in Ubima Community, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers over the weekend.

The Governor and local elders visited Sir Omehia to express their condolences. He recently laid to rest his mother after a long, happy life.

Speaking during the visit, Siminalayi Fubara said: “I have come here with a few of us; very respected elders of the State, to come and support you and say to you that ‘we sorrow with you’.

“The most important thing is to show our concern and love. Any human being that shows enmity to death, that person is not even normal. We also rejoice with you for a life lived well to fulfillment by Mama. We wish Mama a safe journey. Let her stay well where she has gone.”

Governor Siminalayi Fubara emphasized to the elders the importance of unity and determination in protecting the essence of Rivers State.

He condemned the destructive nature of divisive politics and highlighted the negative impact it can have on the state’s development, urging for its eradication in today’s political landscape.

Governor Fubara said: “Anybody who claims to love this State should not be party to anything, directly or indirectly, that will bring us backwards. We will continue to support every course that will advance the interest of our dear Rivers State.

“And I am happy to ay, and I’ve said it over and again, it doesn’t matter the number of people that are standing with me, I will stand on that side of truth.”

“I will not, I repeat, I will not govern our dear State on my knees (bending). If that was the purpose, I would not do that. I will stand to govern our dear State and stand continually on the side of right.

“But politics of bitterness will not take us anywhere. So, I want to thank you that, at this stage, we have a few of you who understand that Rivers State belongs to everyone of us. We must, therefore, fight together to sustain the soul of this State.”


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