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Shake-Up In EFCC As Olukoyede Appoints Chief Of Staff, 14 Directors


Michael Nzekwe has been appointed as Ola Olukoyede’s chief of staff.

Olukoyede, in a move for restructured commission upgraded all of the zonal commands to departments and named 14 new directors.

In a statement released by the EFCC’s spokesperson Dele Oyewale the agency’s security unit has been upgraded into a department, with a Chief Security Officer at its helm.

Oyewale stated , “To this end, 14 new directors were appointed to each of the zonal commands.

To bolster and strengthen the security architecture of EFCC, the Security Unit of the Commission has been upgraded into a Department with a seasoned Officer appointed as Director, Security and Chief Security Officer.

Nzekwe served as the Ilorin zoneal command commander and was a Course One officer.

Nzekwe is a lawyer, investigator and has worked in several departments of the anti-graft organization, including Legal and Prosecution, Operations (now Department of Investigations), Internal Affairs (now Department of Ethics and Integrity), Servicom and Asset Forfeiture.

The new chief has taken part in trainings and courses both at home and abroad. This includes the Advanced Defence Intelligence Officers Course, organised by Defence Intel Agency.

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