Mark Angel: Leading Nigerian Comedian and Video Producer



Mark Angel is a prominent Nigerian comedian and video producer best known for his widely celebrated online comedy series, Mark Angel Comedy. This series, which prominently features child comedian Emmanuella Samuel, has captivated a vast audience with its humor and creativity, establishing him as one of Nigeria’s most influential online comedians.

Contact Information

For business and booking inquiries, contact Mark Angel via email at or phone at +2348182009729, as listed on his YouTube channel.

Social Media Presence

Engagement and Audience Demographics

Mark Angel boasts a strong online presence with over 20 million followers and subscribers across his platforms. His YouTube videos frequently achieve tens of millions of views, and his Instagram posts garner thousands of likes and comments. His audience spans a diverse range of ages and includes significant followings across Africa and among the African diaspora.

Content Themes

His content primarily revolves around comedy skits, vlogs, and general entertainment.

Previous Collaborations

Mark Angel has collaborated with numerous Nigerian brands and has been featured in international media outlets including CNN and BBC, highlighting his global appeal.

Testimonials and Reviews

His social media posts and videos are frequently met with positive comments and reviews, underscoring the widespread appreciation for his comedic talent.

Portfolio and Media Kit

While not publicly available, his team can provide a detailed media kit upon request.

Availability for Projects

Mark Angel is likely open to engaging in collaborations and brand endorsements that are a good fit with his comedic brand.

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