mportant phrases you should learn before travelling abroad

15 important phrases you should learn before travelling abroad


Travelling abroad can be both thrilling and daunting at the same time; especially if the local language is foreign. While it’s impossible for every visitor to become fluent, learning some key phrases can go a long way toward helping you navigate and communicate effectively with locals during a visit abroad. Here, I present 15 essential phrases you should memorize prior to travelling abroad along with helpful strategies on how to learn them efficiently.

Important Phrases to Know before Traveling Abroad

Here are 15 essential phrases you should know prior to traveling abroad:

Hello/Hi: A basic greeting used to initiate conversation. Goodbye/See You Later :This polite ending to any dialogue.

Thank You/Please Request:These expressions of thanks can also serve to demonstrate gratitude or make requests politely and quickly.

Excuse me: A phrase often used to get someone’s attention or apologize, this allows them to address issues directly with that individual or to state any questions/answers on behalf of another.

How are You: Asks the individual directly how their are feeling.
“I don’t understand” can be used if something someone said confuses or baffles you, while asking someone to speak more slowly may also help if their speech speed makes understanding impossible for you.

Where Is…? This phrase allows you to seek directions to an exact address. This question helps clarify costs during shopping trips or ordering food delivery services. This question provides another means of asking for assistance during difficult situations.
Please accept my apology – This phrase serves to express contrition for anything wrong you have done or caused offense, while “Do You Speak English? (DOSB) can help to ask if someone speaks it if communication difficulties exist in local tongue (for instance if using English is difficult).
Can You Suggest…? Ask locals for suggestions of activities and restaurants they recommend; here’s an easy way to gain advice from them on where you should visit or dine out.

How To Greet People

How To Greet People In many cultures around the globe greetings play an integral part of daily life. Here are a few ways greeting can be done across cultures:

  • France – Bonjour (hello) is the standard greeting in France and when meeting someone for the first time it is considered polite to shake hands (unless doing business or meeting for social purposes ). Japan (bowing is another common form of greeting depending on formality of occasion.).
  • Brazil – People typically greet each other with a hug or kiss on the cheek in Brazil. India – When greeting one another, Indians traditionally use the Namaste gesture by pressing their palms together in front of their chest while bowing slightly and greeting with hands together pressing together in front of chest and bowing slightly.
  • Spain: People commonly greet each other with two kisses on each cheek – known in Spain as dos besos (two kisses).
  • China: Greetings from both countries tend to vary considerably when meeting someone for the first time; some prefer nodding or hand shaking while in China it may also include nodding or shaking hands with them as part of an exchange, with their formal title addressed when meeting for first time (such as Mr or Ms).

How To Ask For Directions in an Emergency

Searching for directions can be stressful if you do not speak the local language. Here are a few phrases to use when asking for directions

  • Excuse me, can you explain to me how to get…? Where is it located near here? Can you show me on a map?
  • How long will it take me? Are there any landmarks I should watch out for along my route?
  • And can you repeat all that information please? You have been very helpful – Thank you.

How to Order Food

Food is an integral component of travel and enjoying local cuisine is one of the highlights of your experience. Here are some phrases that may come in handy for ordering in restaurants: Have a wonderful meal. Thank you, the food was delightful.

Finding Your Way Around

Navigating foreign cities can be tricky, so knowing some useful phrases to help get around can make the experience smoother. Below are a few phrases you could use when traveling.

How To Use Public Transportation

How Can I Reach… (Bus/Train/Taxi) How Often and Cost to Take Public Transportation (Public Bus or Rail Transit ) (BT or Train Service ) (RTS/BRTS /LRTs)…(WWW.Wavelength of Service etc)

Public transit can often be the fastest and easiest way to travel in foreign countries. Here are some phrases you can use when using this mode:

How can I buy tickets?

Are students/seniors eligible for discounts? From which platform will the train/bus leave? How long is my journey expected to take? mes Do I require changing trains/buses during my travels?

Can you help me locate my stop?

Shopping can be an enjoyable activity in many nations and it is essential that we learn to interact with shopkeepers effectively when doing our shopping. Here are a few phrases to use while purchasing goods:

Why Does Medical Advice Take So Long To Arrive? When should you seek Medical Attention

Should you get sick or injured while travelling, it’s essential that you understand how to seek medical assistance quickly and appropriately. Below are some phrases which may assist with that task.

Report a Crime

While hopefully you won’t need them, knowing how to report crimes if necessary is crucially important. Here are some phrases for reporting:

Are You Being Robbed Or Need Help desfasado I have just been robbed. Someone stole my wallet/bag. Can You Call the Police/Filing Report/What Should Be Next Should Someone Help Us If assistance is required while traveling, do not be shy in asking for assistance – here are a few phrases which may assist:

Please help me!

I need directions / restaurant suggestions/ hotel recommendations etc… If something was unclear to you or too complicated for you to comprehend, can you clarify it for me again or speak more slowly, please?

How To Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye can often be hard

Here are a few phrases to make the process a bit less painful.

It was nice meeting you. I had an incredible time, thank you.” Goodbye/See you later/Take care/Safe travels.” How To Thank Someone
Being grateful is essential when traveling; knowing how and when to show gratitude is also crucial for a pleasant journey experience. Here are a few phrases you could try when showing appreciation: Thank you so much. Your assistance was much-appreciated; and, thanks to you being so kind. For everything.

How To Apologize

Sometimes mistakes do happen and knowing how to apologize effectively when needed can make all the difference between success and failure in relationships. Here are a few phrases to try when trying to apologize:

Please allow me to apologize

I didn’t intend to cause harm, and please forgive me – this won’t happen again.
Understanding basic phrases of the country you’re visiting can enhance and enrich your travel experience, making the entire trip more pleasurable and enriching your memories of it all. Knowing some key phrases may assist with greeting people, ordering food and seeking help more smoothly in foreign lands. Furthermore, speaking the local language shows respect and appreciation of its culture; locals will appreciate your effort at doing so! Adding these basic phrases into your travels creates unforgettable connections and memories which last a lifetime!

Final Words on phrases you should learn before travelling abroad

learning some basic phrases in the language of the country you’re visiting can enhance your travel experience and make your trip more enjoyable. From greeting people to ordering food and asking for help, knowing a few key phrases can help you navigate your way around a foreign country with ease. It’s also important to remember that making an effort to speak the local language can show respect and appreciation for the local culture. Additionally, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as the locals will appreciate your effort. By learning these phrases and using them in your travels, you can make connections with people and create unforgettable memories.

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