Mass Arrest Made as Delta State Police Raid Gay Wedding

Mass Arrest Made as Delta State Police Raid Gay Wedding; Anti-LGBT Actions Continue


In a significant development, the Delta State Police Command has apprehended a substantial number of individuals suspected of participating in a gay wedding ceremony held within the confines of a hotel in Delta state. The enforcement agency took to its official social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), to announce the operation and hinted at an imminent public presentation of the detained suspects.

Major Arrest in Delta State

Over 100 individuals were apprehended by the Delta State Command on suspicion of engaging in a gay wedding event that was taking place at a local hotel. The authorities have moved swiftly to curb what they perceive as a violation of established norms.

Upcoming Public Display of Suspects

The law enforcement agency conveyed its intentions to showcase the apprehended individuals via a live stream on their official Facebook page. This public display appears to be a measure aimed at sending a message to the broader community.

Anti-Gay Law Enforcement Continues

The incident echoes the trend seen since the enactment of the anti-gay law in 2014, which criminalizes homosexual activities. Security agencies have consistently responded to allegations of homosexuality by detaining and publicly parading individuals thought to be engaging in such activities.

The actions of the Delta State Police Command follow a pattern that has been seen in previous years. In 2020, the Lagos State Police Command apprehended 10 individuals on suspicion of homosexual activities at a brothel located in Okota. Additionally, in 2018, the police in the same state made headlines when they displayed 57 men accused of participating in alleged homosexual activities at Kelly Ann hotel in Egbeda. This incident highlights the continuation of targeted actions against the LGBTQ+ community.

The enforcement of the 2014 anti-gay law is underlined by the legal provision that mandates a 14-year prison sentence for those found guilty of engaging in same-sex relations. This legal framework remains controversial, drawing criticism from human rights advocates who argue that it infringes upon individual freedoms and reinforces discrimination. As the nation navigates the intersection between law, tradition, and human rights, the incident in Delta state underscores the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ individuals to live authentically without fear of persecution.

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