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Meta Launches I-JEPA, ‘Human-like’ AI Image Creator


A new “human-like” artificial intelligence model, according to Meta Platforms, will be made available to researchers and will be able to analyse and complete incomplete images more precisely than current models.

According to a statement from the company on Tuesday, instead of focusing exclusively on surrounding pixels like previous generative AI models, the model, called I-JEPA, fills will fill empty portions of images using background knowledge about the outside environment.

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Through its internal research lab, Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, publishes a lot of open-sourced AI research.

According to Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, sharing models created by Meta’s researchers can benefit the business by fostering innovation, identifying safety flaws, and reducing expenses.

Meta said that this method integrates the kind of thinking that prominent AI researcher Yann LeCun has argued is more like that of humans and helps the technology avoid mistakes that are typical of AI-generated graphics, like hands with additional digits.

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