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Meta Launches I-JEPA, ‘Human-like’ AI Image Creator


Meta Platforms announced that researchers can access an artificial intelligence model designed to replicate human intelligence more precisely than current models for image analysis and completion. The new “human-like” AI will analyze images more rapidly while filling any incomplete ones more completely than before.

According to an announcement made by the company on Tuesday, instead of relying solely on surrounding pixels as was done with previous generative AI models, I-JEPA fills images using environmental knowledge in an innovative and novel fashion.

Meta, the company that owns both Facebook and Instagram, publishes extensive open-sourced AI research through its internal research lab.

Mark Zuckerberg believes sharing Meta’s researchers’ models can benefit the business by encouraging innovation, pinpointing safety vulnerabilities and cutting expenses.

Meta explained that his method incorporated what prominent AI researcher Yann LeCun has noted is more human-like thinking; and helps technology avoid mistakes usually associated with AI-generated graphics, like hands with extra digits.

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