Ncc Approved Ussd Codes Mobile Networks In Nigeria

NCC Recently Approved Unified USSD Codes for all Mobile Networks in Nigeria


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) recently approved unified USSD codes for all mobile networks in Nigeria, streamlining the user experience and making it easier to access various services across different networks.

This change has been implemented by mobile network operators to standardize and simplify the process of using USSD codes.

Here’s a quick overview of the unified USSD codes:

Call Centers: If you need to contact your mobile network’s call center, you can now simply dial 300 across all networks.

Borrow Services: Need to borrow credit or data from your network? Just dial *303# on any network in Nigeria to access this service.

Stop Service: To unsubscribe from any Value Added Service (VAS) or promotional messages, dial *305# from your mobile device.

National Identification Number (NIN) Verification: If you need to verify or link your NIN to your mobile number, simply use the unified code *996#.

Value Added Services (VAS): For access to VAS, dial *305#.

Share Services: To share or transfer airtime or data with friends and family, use the code *321# .

It’s important to note that over 100 USSD codes were previously used in Nigeria, but as of May 17, 2023, mobile operators are now mandated to use these unified USSD codes.

This move aims to improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate various mobile services across different networks.

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