President Tinubu Urges UK to Deepen Partnership

President Tinubu Urges UK to Deepen Partnership with Africa Amidst Support for ECOWAS


President Tinubu Calls for Increased UK Investment in Africa

During a meeting with the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs, Rt Hon. James Cleverly MP, President Bola Tinubu urged the UK government to deepen its partnership with Nigeria and Africa by investing more across sectors. He emphasized the historical economic ties between the UK and Africa and stressed the need to create a competitive, technologically advanced economy that caters to the needs of all citizens

UK Supports ECOWAS Efforts to Reinstate Niger President

The meeting also addressed the pressing issue of the political situation in the Republic of Niger. The UK Foreign Secretary offered his government’s support for the decision of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and President Tinubu’s leadership in promoting democracy and stability in the region. He reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to seeing a peaceful and prosperous African continent, emphasizing that peace and security go hand in hand.

Focus on Energy Transition and Security Cooperation

President Tinubu discussed the opportunity for economic growth in Africa and Nigeria through energy transition. He called on the UK to support the effort to pipe gas from Nigeria to Europe, considering gas as an alternative clean energy source. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of a dynamic partnership on security and economic development, seeking the UK’s support to secure West Africa from terrorist threats. The UK Foreign Secretary reiterated his country’s commitment to working closely with Nigeria on defense, security, trade, and investment issues. He commended Nigeria as a long-standing strong partner to the UK and expressed a desire to elevate the bilateral relationship even further.

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