President Tinubu's Lavish Convoy Draws Criticism

President Tinubu’s Lavish Convoy Draws Criticism Amidst Economic Challenges


In the video, Nigerians expressed their discontent with the display of opulence, particularly given the challenges faced by the masses due to recently introduced government policies. Prominent human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, took to Twitter to question the necessity of such an extravagant convoy while Nigerians grapple with the removal of fuel subsidies and the resulting economic hardships.

Adeyanju’s tweet, which garnered attention, stated, “Why does the president of the poverty capital of the world need to ride in a 120-car convoy when the same people remove subsidy, asking the poor to make sacrifices?”

Key Highlights

  • President Tinubu Returns to Lagos State After Successful Paris Finance Summit: President Bola Tinubu arrived in Lagos State on Tuesday, concluding his private visit to London following a successful outing at the Paris Finance Summit. This marked his first visit to Lagos since his inauguration as Nigeria’s 16th president.
  • Thousands Gather to Welcome President Tinubu: Supporters and political dignitaries, including Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, eagerly awaited President Tinubu’s arrival in Lagos, giving him a warm state welcome. The anticipation of the president’s return created a buzz among the people.
  • Video Surfaces Showing a Spectacle of Opulent Convoy: However, what was intended to be a low-key arrival quickly turned into a spectacle when a video emerged online capturing the long motorcade accompanying President Tinubu to his new private residence. The video showcased multiple SUVs speeding both ahead and behind the president’s official car.
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