Wizkid: Global Afrobeat Icon



Wizkid, legally known as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a globally celebrated Nigerian singer and songwriter recognized for his significant impact on the music scene. His hits and collaborations have established him as one of Africa’s most influential artists. Wizkid’s unique sound incorporates Afrobeat, pop, and reggae, captivating a global audience.

Contact Information

For business inquiries, Wizkid’s team can be contacted via email at bookings@starboyentworldwide.com.

Social Media Presence

  • Instagram: @wizkid – 18.2 million followers
  • Twitter: @wizkidayo – 9.4 million followers
  • Facebook: @wizkidayo – 3.4 million followers
  • YouTube: Wizkid – 1.66 million subscribers

Engagement and Audience Demographics

Wizkid enjoys high engagement levels, with millions of monthly listeners on Spotify and YouTube views in the hundreds of millions. His diverse audience spans Africa, Europe, and North America, primarily comprising young adults and teenagers of all genders.

Content Themes
His content primarily focuses on music and lifestyle, with occasional discussions on social issues.

Previous Collaborations

Wizkid has collaborated with international stars such as Drake, Beyoncé, and Major Lazer. He has also endorsed major brands like Pepsi and Nike, adding to his extensive portfolio.

Testimonials and Reviews
His numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, attest to his profound influence and musical talent.

Portfolio and Media Kit
While not publicly available, Wizkid’s team can provide a detailed media kit upon request.

Availability for Projects
As one of the music industry’s most sought-after artists, Wizkid’s availability is limited. However, he remains open to select musical collaborations and brand endorsements.

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