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Elon Musk set to delete old Twitter accounts to free up usernames


Twitter is deleting dormant accounts from its site, which might make some highly desired usernames available.

This was according to a recent tweet by billionaire owner, Elon Musk.

Even while Twitter has a policy in place that encourages users to log in at least once every 30 days to prevent accounts from being permanently deleted, it hasn’t yet taken any significant efforts to restore more usernames to the rotation, despite having made that commitment for years.

“We’re purging accounts that have had no activity at all for several years, so you will probably see follower count drop,” the CEO tweeted.

Recently, Twitter explored using online auctions to sell popular usernames in order to raise more money.

Musk later clarified that “yes,” a lot of usernames were set to become accessible as a result of this action in a later tweet in response to an inquiry concerning username availability.

Beyond the standard way of trying to create a new account with a specific name, he did not specify how individuals would be able to obtain these usernames.

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