Adegboyega Oyetola Congratulates Ademola Adeleke

Former Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola Congratulates Ademola Adeleke on Supreme Court Victory


In a moment of political maturity and statesmanship, former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola has extended his congratulations to Senator Ademola Adeleke, his successor, following the Supreme Court’s judgment affirming Adeleke’s victory as Governor of Osun State. Oyetola had challenged the election results, alleging irregularities and seeking the court’s intervention to reinstate him as the duly elected governor.

Initially, the Election Petition Tribunal had sided with Oyetola, ruling that Adeleke did not secure the majority votes required to win. However, the Court of Appeal later overturned the tribunal’s decision, thereby confirming Adeleke’s victory as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The Supreme Court, in its final ruling, upheld Adeleke’s win, cementing his position as the legitimate Governor of Osun State.

While the verdict may have been against the desires of Oyetola’s party members and supporters, the former governor gracefully accepted the outcome, emphasizing the importance of peace and the state’s development. In a statement personally signed by Oyetola and conveyed to journalists by his spokesperson, Ismail Omipidan, he urged members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), his supporters, and those who voted for him during the governorship election to embrace the court’s judgment as the will of God and move forward.

Oyetola acknowledged that though the judgment may not have aligned with their expectations, it offered a unique opportunity for growth and progress. He urged his party members and supporters not to dwell on sadness or disappointment but instead to prepare for the future tasks that lie ahead for the APC. He expressed his gratitude to the party’s leadership, both at the state and national levels, for their unwavering commitment and support throughout the legal process.

Undeterred by the court’s decision, Oyetola reiterated his dedication to the growth and development of Osun State. He pledged to collaborate with the state’s conscientious citizens, associations, and institutions to facilitate progress in their beloved state. He urged all citizens of Osun, regardless of their political affiliations, to uphold the cherished values and dreams of their forefathers, demonstrating the noble spirit of “Omoluabi.”

Furthermore, Oyetola seized the opportunity to congratulate Governor Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke on his victory. Setting politics aside, he emphasized the paramount importance of prioritizing the interests of the masses without bias or discrimination based on political persuasion, creed, or religion. Oyetola emphasized the need for Adeleke’s administration to ensure the security and well-being of all residents of Osun State. He concluded his message with heartfelt prayers for peace and progress throughout Adeleke’s tenure.

The statesmanlike demeanor displayed by former Governor Oyetola serves as a testament to his commitment to the democratic process and the betterment of Osun State. As the baton is passed to Governor Adeleke, the eyes of the state’s citizens remain focused on the fulfillment of promises, unity, and the advancement of their beloved state.

 Key Highlights:

  1. Former Governor Oyetola congratulates successor Ademola Adeleke on Supreme Court’s decision to uphold his victory as Governor of Osun State.
  2. Oyetola accepts the verdict in the interest of peace and development, urging his party members and supporters to do the same.
  3. Oyetola emphasizes the need for unity and good governance, urging Adeleke to prioritize the welfare and security of the people of Osun State.
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