Guide to Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

Guide to Facebook Event Cover Photo Size: Tips and Best Practices


Facebook events are an effective way of spreading the word and connecting with your target audience. When designed properly and chosen with attention to design and dimensions, event cover photos can make an event stand out and attract more attendees. Here we provide our Guide to Facebook Event Cover Photo Size, so that you can design an eye-catching cover photo that perfectly complements its target event cover photo size and position on Facebook.

Ideal Image Resolution Size for Facebook Event Cover Photos

An ideal size for Facebook event cover photos is 1920 x 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This ensures your image looks fantastic both desktop and mobile devices. Any smaller images could cause Facebook to stretch them to fit, which could result in blurry, pixelated prints. Likewise, larger photos might get cropped out by Facebook which might cut off important parts of the image that could give important context or an experience to readers.

Find Out How to Choose an Appropriate Image for Your Event Here are Some Help Tips

Finding an image suitable for your event can be tricky, so here are a few pointers on selecting an image to use as part of its Facebook event cover photo

Use high-quality images: Your event cover photo should feature attractive, professional photos with sharp, clear and well-lit images that convey what message you wish to communicate to your target audience. Pick images relevant for the occasion that emphasize its message effectively.
Bring Your Brand To Life: When selecting images that best represent your event cover photo, keep it consistent with its style and colors scheme. Choose images with fonts that complement or represent what makes up the character of your business brand.
Use Eye-Catching Images: Select images with striking visuals to attract audience interest and stand out. Add bold colors, interesting patterns, or unique designs that stand out for maximum impact – see Best Practices for Designing a Facebook Event Cover Photo for guidance.

Here are some best practices that will help you design an eye-catching cover photo that attracts attendees

Keep It Simplistic: Your cover photo should be straightforward and easily understandable; avoid complex images or text that could make the cover photo appear busy and disorganized.
Use colors that contrast well: To make your cover photo pop, try choosing vibrant orange or yellow as the highlight colors if your brand uses blue and white as its brand colors.
Utilize typography effectively: Use typography to convey important details of your event in an accessible fashion. Choose fonts with easy readability and bolded or italicized text for emphasis of key information.
Negative Space: Negative space refers to any empty areas within an image that provides space between elements in it and can help create an organized and modern look in your cover photo.

How uploading and customizing a cover photo on Facebook is straightforward

Here are the steps:

  • When on your event page, log into Facebook with your account credentials, navigate directly to its “Edit” feature for cover photos on the right-hand side and then “Upload Photo.”
  • Choose an image to upload Drag and drop images to adjust their position before clicking “Save Changes.” Review both desktop and mobile device displays to ensure it looks perfect on both.
    Common Mistakes When Generating Facebook Event Cover Photos

Create an event cover photo on Facebook can be an exciting creative endeavor

Here are a few errors to avoid:

Low-resolution images: If the quality of the image in your cover photo is subpar, potential attendees could become turned off and turn away.mes If the cover photo doesn’t correspond with your event theme/content it could even mislead attendees and discomfiting their perception.
Overuse of text: Too much text on a cover photo can look disorganized and unpleasant; instead focus on using keywords or phrases to convey important messages.
As more users access Facebook on mobile phones, it’s vital that your cover photo looks amazing both desktop and mobile devices.

Final Words on  Guide for Facebook Event Cover Photo Sizes

Crafting an attractive Facebook event cover photo that draws attendees can be difficult, but with proper dimensions and design you can craft one that stands out. Take note of our tips and best practices as you use these to craft something which reflects your brand, communicates key information to attendees, and draws people in!

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