Human Rights Group Opposes Removal of Fuel Subsidy

Human Rights Group Opposes Removal of Fuel Subsidy, Calls for Reversal


Human Rights Writers’ Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) opposes removal of fuel subsidy: HURIWA has expressed its strong disagreement with the announcement made by President Tinubu regarding the removal of fuel subsidy. The association considers this decision to be unconstitutional and authoritarian, emphasizing that it is inconsiderate, insensitive, irrational, and reckless.


HURIWA calls for civil action: The rights group has urged the civil rights community and labor unions to mobilize Nigerian workers and the proletarian population for an indefinite strike and civil disobedience actions if President Tinubu does not reverse his proposition to end the subsidy regime. HURIWA highlights the economic adversities faced by millions of Nigerians, including inflation and poverty, and argues that such a measure will further exacerbate their plight.


Concerns over potential consequences: HURIWA warns that the removal of fuel subsidy could escalate into a popular uprising if immediate action is not taken to reverse the decision. The group questions President Tinubu’s choice to implement such an economically challenging measure at the beginning of his presidency, stating that it will lead to a significant increase in the prices of goods and services in Nigeria.


HURIWA’s opposition to the removal of fuel subsidy reflects their concerns about the potential negative impact on the Nigerian population, particularly those already facing economic hardships. The association calls for collective action and urges President Tinubu to reconsider his decision to avoid further social unrest and hardships for the citizens.

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