Nigerian Table Tennis Players Aim for Success

Nigerian Table Tennis Players Aim for Success: The Path to Fulfilling Their Potential


The Importance of the Right Mentality, Fitness, and Exposure

Tunji Lawal, Chairman of the Lagos State Table Tennis Association, emphasizes that Nigerian table tennis players can achieve their full potential by adopting the right mindset, attaining optimal fitness levels, and gaining adequate exposure to international competitions. He points out that their counterparts from countries like China and Korea excel due to consistent exposure, rigorous training, and access to top-notch facilities.

Addressing Challenges and Restrategizing for Success

Lawal identifies various challenges faced by Nigerian players, such as the lack of fitness in terms of movement, footwork, and agility. He urges a comprehensive approach to professionalism, encompassing not just technical skills but also dietary habits and mental strength. The need to encourage and develop young talents through academies is also stressed to secure the future of table tennis in Nigeria.

Break the Bias, She Can’ Initiative and Bright Future Prospects

The ‘Break the Bias, She Can’ initiative aims to provide opportunities for young girls to thrive in the sport. Lawal believes that Nigeria can produce world champions by nurturing talents from a young age. He calls on state governments, particularly Lagos, to invest in table tennis and provide the necessary sports infrastructure for the growth of the game. The efforts of the Lagos State Table Tennis Association to enhance the Asoju Oba Table Tennis Championship and secure sponsorships are highlighted.

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