Human Rights Lawyer Supports Skit Maker's Use of Police Uniform

Human Rights Lawyer Supports Skit Maker’s Use of Police Uniform for Entertainment


Human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, defends skit maker Abdulgafar Ahmad, also known as Cute Abiola, stating that using police uniforms for entertainment purposes is not illegal. He challenges the notion put forward by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who had announced the comedian’s prosecution for allegedly violating the law concerning the use of uniforms.

Entertainers’ Global Use of Military and Police Uniforms

Effiong argues that entertainers around the world use military and police uniforms as part of their art and craft. He believes that using a “police uniform” in a skit does not automatically bring contempt upon the uniform itself. Additionally, he suggests that if the skit reflects the realities of the police’s actions, it may be challenging to prove that it is contemptuous.

Suggestion to Focus on Eradicating Corruption within the Police Force

The human rights lawyer advises the police force to redirect their efforts towards combating corruption within their ranks instead of pursuing a case against a skit maker. He cautions that the case could lead to further public ridicule and judicial rebuke for the police. Effiong highlights that the alleged offense is relatively minor, carrying a potential punishment of three months imprisonment or a fine of forty Naira, and questions the efficacy of such a case in improving revenue or addressing more significant issues.

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