Torrential Rain Triggers Flooding and State of Emergency

Torrential Rain Triggers Flooding and State of Emergency Declarations in New York


State of Emergency

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has declared a state of emergency for Orange County, located approximately 60 miles north of New York City, and later extended it to Ontario County in western New York. The region experienced heavy rainfall that resulted in extreme flooding, leading to road closures and disruptions.

Tragic Fatality and Destructive Impact

The torrential rain in New York’s Hudson Valley claimed the life of a woman in her 30s who was swept away while attempting to evacuate her home. The flash flooding dislodged boulders that damaged her house. The full extent of the destruction caused by the slow-moving storm, which dumped up to 8 inches of rain, is yet to be assessed, but officials estimate that it has already caused significant damage, amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

Escalating Flash Flood Warnings

As the storm system progressed eastward, the National Weather Service extended flash flood warnings to Connecticut, including the cities of Stamford and Greenwich, and later into Massachusetts. Forecasters anticipate potential rainfall of up to 5 inches in certain areas. Residents have been advised to remain cautious, and Governor Hochul emphasized the extraordinary amount of water and the dangerous situation, urging people to avoid unnecessary travel and stay off the roads.

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