Trending Songs In Nigeria 2023

Trending Songs In Nigeria 2023

Discover the beats vibing across Nigeria in 2023 with my guide to trending songs heating up the charts and streaming playlists. Join the rhythm!

Did you know that in 2023, the Nigerian music scene witnessed a wave of legendary artists and rising stars dominating the charts? From mesmerizing remixes to fresh takes on traditional genres, the year was filled with unforgettable melodies and innovative sounds. Let’s dive into the captivating world of Nigerian music and explore the trending songs that captivated audiences in 2023.

Top 10 Hottest Nigerian Songs of 2023

In 2023, the Nigerian music scene was ablaze with sensational tracks that captivated listeners across the nation. These songs showcased the incredible talent and artistry of Nigerian musicians, solidifying their positions as chart-topping hitmakers. Here are the top 10 hottest Nigerian songs that dominated the airwaves in 2023:

  1. Adekunle Gold’s “Tequila Ever After” featuring Zinoleesky
  2. BNXN’s “Abuja” featuring Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez
  3. Ruger’s “Asiwaju Bola Tinubu”
  4. Spyro’s “Tiwa Savage Remix”
  5. Mohbad’s “Ask About Me”
  6. KCee’s “Ojapiano”
  7. Omah Lay’s “Soso”
  8. Davido’s “FEEL” featuring Musa Keys
  9. Davido’s “UNAVAILABLE” featuring Musa Keys

These songs encompassed a wide range of genres, from afrobeat to hip-hop, showcasing the diversity and versatility of Nigerian music. Each track boasted catchy melodies, infectious beats, and captivating lyrics that resonated with music lovers of all ages.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 hottest Nigerian songs of 2023:

Song Artist
“Tequila Ever After” Adekunle Gold ft. Zinoleesky
“Abuja” BNXN ft. Kizz Daniel & Seyi Vibez
“Asiwaju Bola Tinubu” Ruger
“Tiwa Savage Remix” Spyro
“Ask About Me” Mohbad
“Ojapiano” KCee
“Soso” Omah Lay
“FEEL” Davido ft. Musa Keys
“UNAVAILABLE” Davido ft. Musa Keys

These songs dominated the charts and set dance floors ablaze with their infectious rhythms and unforgettable hooks. Each artist brought their unique style and energy to their respective tracks, leaving a lasting impression on music enthusiasts.

Experience the magic of these top 10 hottest Nigerian songs of 2023 and let the music transport you to a world of rhythm and bliss.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll explore the songs that resonated across Nigeria in 2023.

The Songs That Resonated in 2023

In 2023, the Nigerian music scene experienced an array of standout songs that left a lasting impact on listeners. These tracks captivated audiences with their catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and exceptional performances. Let’s take a closer look at some of the songs that resonated in 2023:

  1. Davido’s “Kante” featuring Fave: This collaboration between Davido and Fave showcased their incredible vocal range and songwriting prowess. The infectious rhythm and relatable lyrics made it a favorite among fans.
  2. Shallipopi’s “Elon Musk”: Shallipopi’s unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics captivated listeners in 2023. “Elon Musk” stood out with its innovative production and introspective storytelling.
  3. Odumodublvck’s “Declan Rice”: Odumodublvck’s fusion of drill and Afrobeats in “Declan Rice” created an electrifying anthem that resonated with the youth. The powerful beat and energetic delivery made it an instant hit.
  4. Bloody Civilian’s “Mad Apology”: This powerful track addressed societal issues, sparking conversations and inspiring change. Bloody Civilian’s raw vocals combined with a captivating melody made it a standout song of 2023.
  5. Lojay’s “Moto”: Lojay’s soulful voice and Afrofusion sound shone through in “Moto.” The infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics showcased his musical versatility and garnered immense praise.
  6. Joeboy and Ckay’s “Wetin be Love”: This collaboration between Joeboy and Ckay captivated listeners with its romantic theme and melodious harmonies. The smooth blend of their voices created a captivating love song.
  7. 1da Banton’s “No Love in Lagos” featuring 255: “No Love in Lagos” exposed the harsh realities of city life. 1da Banton’s powerful delivery and thought-provoking lyrics made it a song that resonated with many.
  8. Fireboy DML’s “Someone”: Fireboy DML’s soul-stirring vocals and heartfelt lyrics in “Someone” struck a chord with listeners. The emotional depth of the song and its relatable message made it a favorite in 2023.
  9. YKB’s “Traffic”: YKB’s smooth vocals and infectious rhythm in “Traffic” created an irresistible feel-good anthem. The song’s relatable lyrics and catchy melody made it a standout hit.
  10. Victony’s “Jaga Jaga” featuring Babyboy AV: Victony’s unique blend of Afrobeats and trap in “Jaga Jaga” showcased his versatility as an artist. The captivating production and powerful lyrics made it a favorite among fans.

These songs showcased the incredible talent and creativity present in the Nigerian music industry. Whether it was through their infectious rhythms, heartfelt lyrics, or thought-provoking messages, these tracks left a lasting impression on listeners in 2023.

Songs That Resonated in 2023

More Noteworthy Songs of 2023

As we continue our journey through the noteworthy songs of 2023, we come across a diverse range of tracks that made a significant impact on the music scene. These songs captivated listeners with their unique melodies, powerful lyrics, and unforgettable performances. Here are some more standout tracks from 2023:

Song Artist
“Saati Ramoni” Muis
“Remember” Asake
“Party No Dey Stop” Adekunle Gold featuring Zinoleesky
“Makoko” Tony Allen and Adrian Younge
“Love Dimension” Moonlight Afriqa
“This Country” Psycho YP and Jordan Knows
“Ready” Sarz, PJ Star, and Fxrtune
“Kpe Paso” Wande Coal and Olamide
“Borrow” Tekno
“Pidgin & English” BNXN
“Prince of Egypt” Mofe

These songs explore various genres and styles, showcasing the talent and creativity of the artists involved. From Muis’ soulful “Saati Ramoni” to BNXN’s infectious “Pidgin & English,” each track brings something unique to the table. They have left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music landscape in 2023.

Stay tuned as we uncover more hidden gems and rising stars in the next sections of our exploration into the vibrant music scene of 2023.

Underrated Gems of 2023

While some songs in 2023 dominated the charts and received widespread recognition, there were a few hidden treasures that may not have gained the same level of attention. These underrated songs of 2023 deserve recognition for their unique sounds and memorable performances. Let’s explore some of these hidden gems:

Lady Donli – “Jazz Up”

One such underrated song is “Jazz Up” by Lady Donli. This track showcases her versatility as an artist, combining elements of jazz, Afrobeat, and soul. With its laid-back melody and smooth vocals, “Jazz Up” offers a refreshing and captivating listening experience.

Underrated Songs of 2023

Adekunle Gold and Zinoleesky – “Kante”

Another underrated gem from 2023 is “Kante” by Adekunle Gold and Zinoleesky. This collaboration brings together two talented artists, blending their distinct styles to create a harmonious and catchy track. The infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics make “Kante” a hidden treasure worth discovering.

Tony Allen and Adrian Younge – “Makoko”

“Makoko” by Tony Allen and Adrian Younge is a hidden gem that combines Afrobeat with elements of funk and jazz. This fusion of genres results in a dynamic and groovy track that showcases the immense talent of both artists. “Makoko” is a testament to the experimental and boundary-pushing nature of music in 2023.

Mofe – “Prince of Egypt”

Lastly, “Prince of Egypt” by Mofe is an underrated song that deserves recognition for its captivating storytelling and unique sound. Mofe’s powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics take listeners on a musical journey, creating an immersive and engaging experience. “Prince of Egypt” is a hidden gem that showcases the depth and artistry of Mofe as an emerging artist.

These underrated songs of 2023 offer a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic music landscape in Nigeria. While they may not have received the same level of mainstream success, their quality and artistry make them true gems worth discovering.

Rising Stars of 2023

2023 was a year of discovery and growth for the Nigerian music industry, as several talented artists emerged as rising stars. These individuals not only showcased their unique talent and creativity but also contributed to the diversification of the music landscape in Nigeria. Let’s take a closer look at some of the rising stars to keep an eye on:


Shallipopi’s infectious energy and captivating lyrics have caught the attention of music lovers in Nigeria. With hits like “Elon Musk,” Shallipopi brings a fresh sound to the industry, fusing elements of Afrobeat and pop to create a unique musical experience.


Odumodublvck is making waves with his distinct style that blends drill and Afrobeats. Tracks like “Declan Rice” showcase his raw talent and lyrical prowess, earning him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Bloody Civilian

Bloody Civilian’s soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics have captivated audiences across Nigeria. Songs like “Mad Apology” demonstrate his ability to convey deep emotions through his music, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.


Lojay’s fusion of Afrobeat and R&B has struck a chord with listeners. With his hit track “Moto,” Lojay demonstrates his ability to create infectious melodies and deliver heartfelt performances, cementing his status as an artist to watch.


YKB’s versatility and lyrical prowess have made him a standout artist in 2023. With tracks like “Traffic,” YKB displays his ability to effortlessly switch between genres, proving that he is a rising star with immense potential.


Victony’s unique sound and charismatic stage presence have garnered attention in the Nigerian music scene. Collaborations like “Jaga Jaga” featuring Babyboy AV highlight his ability to create dynamic and engaging music that resonates with audiences.


Mofe has made a mark with his soulful voice and poetic lyrics. Songs like “Prince of Egypt” showcase his ability to tell compelling stories through his music, establishing him as an artist with great potential.

Moonlight Afriqa

Moonlight Afriqa’s infectious melodies and captivating performances have made him a rising star in the Nigerian music industry. Tracks like “Love Dimension” demonstrate his ability to create feel-good music that connects with audiences.

These rising stars of 2023 have brought a fresh perspective and new sounds to the Nigerian music industry. With their undeniable talent and creativity, they are sure to make a significant impact in the years to come, shaping the future of Nigerian music.


2023 was an extraordinary year for music in Nigeria. The music scene witnessed a perfect blend of established artists making remarkable comebacks and rising stars showcasing their talent and creativity. These songs captivated listeners not only in Nigeria but also mesmerized music enthusiasts worldwide.

The variety of genres and the infusion of unique sounds brought a vibrant and diverse musical landscape in Nigeria. From the infectious rhythms of Omah Lay’s “Soso” remix featuring Ozuna to the soul-stirring melodies of Asake’s “Lonely at the Top,” the year gave birth to numerous chart-toppers.

The legendary Davido made an exhilarating return with his album “Timeless,” featuring hits like “FEEL” and “UNAVAILABLE” alongside the talented Musa Keys. Seyi Vibez introduced a fresh take on Apala music with his track “Man of the Year,” and ODUMODUBLVCK brought the drill-meets-Afrobeats vibe with tracks like “DECLAN RICE.”

2023 marked the ascension of new stars who left an indelible mark on the music industry. Shallipopi, Odumodublvck, Bloody Civilian, Lojay, YKB, Victony, Mofe, and Moonlight Afriqa made waves with their unique styles and innovative sounds. The future looks promising for these rising stars as they continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their talent.


Some of the trending songs in Nigeria in 2023 included “Soso” by Omah Lay featuring Ozuna, “Lonely at the Top” by Asake, “FEEL” and “UNAVAILABLE” by Davido featuring Musa Keys, “Man of the Year” by Seyi Vibez, and “DECLAN RICE” by ODUMODUBLVCK.

What were the top 10 hottest Nigerian songs of 2023?

The top 10 hottest Nigerian songs of 2023 were “Tequila Ever After” by Adekunle Gold featuring Zinoleesky, “Abuja” by BNXN featuring Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez, “Asiwaju Bola Tinubu” by Ruger, “Tiwa Savage Remix” by Spyro, “Ask About Me” by Mohbad, “Ojapiano” by KCee, “Soso” by Omah Lay, “FEEL” and “UNAVAILABLE” by Davido featuring Musa Keys.

Which songs resonated in Nigeria in 2023?

Some songs that resonated in Nigeria in 2023 were “Kante” by Davido featuring Fave, “Elon Musk” by Shallipopi, “Declan Rice” by Odumodublvck, “Mad Apology” by Bloody Civilian, “Moto” by Lojay, “Wetin be Love” by Joeboy and Ckay, “No Love in Lagos” by 1da Banton featuring 255, “Someone” by Fireboy DML, “Traffic” by YKB, and “Jaga Jaga” by Victony featuring Babyboy AV.

What were some other noteworthy songs of 2023?

Other noteworthy songs of 2023 included “Saati Ramoni” by Muis, “Remember” by Asake, “Party No Dey Stop” by Adekunle Gold featuring Zinoleesky, “Makoko” by Tony Allen and Adrian Younge, “Love Dimension” by Moonlight Afriqa, “This Country” by Psycho YP and Jordan Knows, “Ready” by Sarz, PJ Star, and Fxrtune, “Kpe Paso” by Wande Coal and Olamide, “Borrow” by Tekno, “Pidgin & English” by BNXN, and “Prince of Egypt” by Mofe.

Which songs of 2023 were considered underrated gems?

Some songs that may have gone under the radar in 2023 but deserve recognition include “Jazz Up” by Lady Donli, “Kante” by Adekunle Gold and Zinoleesky, “Makoko” by Tony Allen and Adrian Younge, and “Prince of Egypt” by Mofe. These songs offer unique sounds and memorable performances.

Which rising stars emerged in the Nigerian music scene in 2023?

In 2023, rising stars in the Nigerian music scene included Shallipopi, Odumodublvck, Bloody Civilian, Lojay, YKB, Victony, Mofe, and Moonlight Afriqa. These artists showcased their talent and creativity, contributing to the diverse music landscape in Nigeria.

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