Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams


Chase your dreams

Chase your dreams, my dear, and never look back,
For life is short, and time is a precious knack,
Though obstacles will surely appear,
Hold on to your courage and don’t fear.

The road ahead may not always be clear,
And obstacles may arise, that much is clear,
But with determination and a heart that’s true,
You can overcome anything that comes to you.

Take small steps if you must, but keep moving forward,
And don’t forget to celebrate each accomplishment onward,
For every milestone that you reach,
Is a step closer to the goal you seek.

Chase your dreams with passion and zeal,
And don’t let anyone else determine how you feel,
For your dreams are yours and yours alone,
And it’s up to you to make them known.

So never give up, my dear, no matter how tough it seems,
For the world is full of possibilities, and they’re all in your dreams,
Chase them with all your heart, and let your spirit soar,
For you are capable of greatness and so much more.

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