Success Is Not A Resting Place

Success Is Not a Resting Place


Success is not a resting place

Success is not a resting place,
It’s not a final destination to embrace,
It’s a journey that goes on and on,
With new horizons to seek and spawn.

You may reach the summit of a goal,
But to rest there would be a fatal toll,
For the world around you keeps on moving,
And the competition is ever-improving.

Success is not a thing that you own,
It’s a state of mind that must be honed,
A way of living, a constant drive,
To always seek and strive.

There’s always more to be achieved,
New heights to reach and goals to conceive,
So never settle for what you’ve got,
Keep pushing forward, give it your best shot.

Success is not a trophy on a shelf,
It’s a way of life, a constant self,
A journey that never truly ends,
So keep on climbing, my dear friends.

For though the road may be long and steep,
And the climb may sometimes make you weep,
The reward at the top is worth the race,
Success is not a resting place.

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