How Hard Must I Work

How Hard Must I Work?


How hard must I work?

How hard must I work to reach the top?
To climb the ladder and never stop,
To achieve my dreams and make them real,
To overcome every obstacle and ordeal.

Will I need to toil day and night,
To make it through the toughest fight,
To push myself beyond my limits,
And weather every storm that hits?

How hard must I work to find success,
To make my mark and impress,
To stand out in a world so competitive,
And never become complacent or submissive?

Do I need to sacrifice all I have,
And give up on the joys that make me glad,
To put my nose to the grindstone,
And never stop until the goal is known?

But then I wonder, is it really all about work,
Or is there more to life, than just the perks,
Perhaps it’s not just about the climb,
But also about the journey, that’s sublime.

So I’ll work hard, with all my might,
But also take time to enjoy the sight,
To appreciate the little things that matter,
And live my life with purpose and laughter.

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